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Ester Willims


Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Ester who lived in a tiny town outside a big city. Although it was a small place, the people there were HUGE on kindness and helping others. From early childhood, she joined her family in giving back to the community. From helping the local homeless charity, to assisting older people with their shopping and errands, volunteering was just a normal part of life in her hometown.

After growing up, Ester worked in Healthcare and visited lots of different countries to learn important things like how to make good decisions, spot potential problems, and understand money stuff. But she never forgot how great it felt to lend a hand and put smiles on people’s faces through volunteering.

Now as a Mum of two, and living in a big city, she has become passionate about creating opportunities for all children to experience the same joy of creating community through acts of kindness and connection.

Learn more about Ester here.

Carolina Puleston

Director, CEO & Founder

Before commonkind, Carolina spent many years studying, working and volunteering around the world trying to decide what she wanted to be when she grew up! After having children and realising she was now the “grown up” (eek!) she struggled to find opportunities for her young children to give back in a meaningful way to society.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, she decided to be the change she wanted to see, piloting small and local inner-city Brisbane community service programs for children and families.

After an extensive international working life in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, founding commonkind is a full circle moment for Carolina. She has returned to her roots of working with children and using her work as an avenue to help make society a better place.

Learn more about Carolina here.

Dani Townsend


Growing up, Dani envisioned a future where disadvantaged children could thrive like their peers. Through her career she has worked with innovative technology companies in marketing, operations, and strategy roles, driven by a passion for the potential for emerging technologies to create fairer and more accessible services for the world’s most disadvantaged communities.

Now a parent herself, Dani finds inspiration in supporting local initiatives that uplift the underprivileged, aiming to pass these values on to her own two children.

Learn more about Dani here.