Evolving Australia

Our mission is to evolve Australia from the “lucky” country to the “loving” country through acts of common kindness.

Our Story

In early 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and lockdowns were enforced, commonkind’s Founder, Carolina, was moved by widespread reports of the social isolation of people living in aged care facilities. She also had a 2-year-old at home who she wanted to keep busy, now that play dates were off the cards.

She saw a need (social isolation) and matched that with a resource (local families). She partnered with two local aged care facilities and mobilised her family and friends to make cards for the residents.

She received positive feedback from both the aged care facilities and the families and realised that even very young children (and their families) can make a positive impact in their local communities, even in a very small way.

After the pandemic, she sought options for her children to give back to their local community but couldn’t find many – most charities restrict their volunteers to those aged 16 and over. She thought dismissing youth volunteers was a missed opportunity – for both charities and youth/families.