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Together we can make kind common.

commonkind: my way

You want to make a difference or change the world. Have you got a particular skill you want to put to good use? A passion for philanthropy you want to explore? A cause you’d like more people to support? Our “Follow your Heart” programmes help turn your dream into a reality. Grab your grown-up and tell us more about your dream for a better world. Share your idea here.

commonkind: at home

We understand life is busy. If you are unable to make any of our in-person events, that doesn’t mean you can’t contribute in a meaningful way to the betterment of society. Our “Home is where the Heart is” programmes provide a convenient way for you to reinforce your community-minded family values, all from the comfort of your home. Keen to learn more about home opportunities, contact us here.

commonkind: at school

We run a variety of programmes for classes and whole schools at a frequency that suits your needs. Our “Learn by Heart” programmes are aligned with the Australian Curriculum v 9.0. and cover many learning areas and most general capabilities. We tailor a bespoke package to work for you. We are passionate about fostering a cohort who care and would be keen to hear from like-minded educators.

commonkind: at work

We run sessions for team-building events that are also suitable for children. Our “Heart of the Matter” programmes are very popular during school holidays when working parents can bring their children to join them. This allows parents to be involved with their team, while not having to plan holiday care for their children nor lose a leave day to caring for their kids. We take on board as many or as few logistics as you prefer to make this day a success. Half-day and full-day packages available. We’d love to hear from you here.